My husband Dave and I came to Glendale on holiday five years ago and we were captured by the magic of Skye - 6 months later we were living here!! Considered a bit bonkers by family and friends for making such a move we have absolutely no regrets and those who have visited are equally taken with the dramatic scenery and more peaceful lifestyle. 

We have both travelled extensively throughout the world, Dave particularly in his previous life as a technician with bands on tour. Our favourite destination is the USA, our honeymoon being a road trip from New Orleans to New York taking in Memphis and Nashville along the way.

We aim to provide the same warm welcome we received in the many b&bs we have been lucky enough to stay in all over the world.



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Mobile 07737 810560

Here are some links to some of our friends

Andy Stables excellent Glendale Information site

Stunning photos of Glendale and the local wildlife

And for those interested in the Auroras another Andy Stables site


Skyeskyns webcam      

Skye Weavers

The Three Chimneys

Loch Bay Restaurant

The Old School Restaurant

The Edinbane Inn

Cafe Lephin

Glendale village store and post office

Dunvegan weather station webcam

Isle Drive Skye

Local walks

More Skye Information

And a little about driving on Skye, keep an eye out for potholes too!